Thursday, March 26, 2020

FINAL Magazine - End Product

These are the final product of my magazine, "APHRODITE". I had the summer edition.  


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Feature Story "Suit Yourself"

“Suit Yourself”

Beyonca always knew she had a rather unique body type. She often found herself struggling to find what best “suits” her body. Then she knew what she needed to do. 
From that day forward to present day, Beyonca is the CEO of her own boutique, “Boujie B Boutique”, which sells swimsuits for ALL shapes and sizes. “I think this was important for me to share this with everyone else, because we all struggle, and now that I’ve done this, I don’t struggle as much anymore. The reason I do this is because I believe that it can really help someone out in the long run.” says Beyonca. 
When asked what makes her company different from others, “ What makes my company different from others is that I make sure to brand my bathing suits for everybody with different body types.” shares Beyonca. 
However, it doesn’t stop there, Beyonca is determined, as always listens to her customers. With help from her longtime friends, she often asks about how she can better herself. “I think you can do more than just bathing suits, because people also struggle in day to day clothing as well.” shares Amani Shinhoster. 
Although the company is barely one years old yet, Beyonca has big plans to make her company even better than what it is now. Beyonca says she begins to think more deeply about the importance of body positivity and about her place beyond a vendor.  “It is important that my products are different from any other business to attract a broader audience.” quotes Beyonca. 
So how will she exactly do that?  “I think the reason companies often lose customers is because they don't listen to the customers. I will always be updated with new and trendy clothing / swimwear. I will listen to my customers' feedback and always supply what is true to my brand and what is wanted, I will forever appreciate customer reviews.” 
When asked how her swimsuits promote body positivity, she replies. “Well, I understand that everybody is different, and that’s pretty much all u need to understand. My bathing suits come in a variety of sizes (Xs- XXXL), we have one and two pieces, cover ups, high waist bottoms, high cut bottoms, etc, as well as in a variety of colors.” 
“My company supports body positivity by never body shaming anybody based on their figure or weight. As I want all to feel happy, comfortable and most importantly like THEMSELVES when they step into a swimsuit.” 
“What’s next for my company is to continue to expand, whether it’s from selling something new to expanding to more than Florida. I can never exceed my expectations because my expectations are always big and change.” 

Beyonca thinks that all companies are great but it's the impact you make on the customers that really make or break a company. She shares this advice to new business starters, “Try to step out of the box. You don't want to sell what everyone else is, and if you are then find something that’s going to make the difference between a person shopping at another boutique or yours. And don’t forget to put yourselves in what you’re trying to sell. And of course, BE YOU.”

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Evaluation Question 5

My product is very successful. Things went wrong, as in every project something's going to go wrong, but in the end its how you react to it, and recover from it, and I did well. I am impressed with everything as it is a reflection of me, and all that I want people to see, think, hear, and feel they next time they think negative things about their selves or their features, etc. If I had to re do this project, I would definitely use the original location(the beach), include more males, and maybe even add someone who is insecure about their disability(ies). I would definitely use better equipment, as well. I am well over proud of myself and my group for completing our projects, and while learning something we didn't know before about the media studies industry. I accepted my constructive criticism well from peers, family members, friends, and my teacher of course, and also very impressed with the looks of this magazine. 

Evaluation Question 4

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I integrated technology in my product all throughtout the course of this project, the blogs were a big chunk of technology usage. Also the use of canva, postermywall, gmail, surveymonkey, and my teacher's website. I also suggested, that for the distribution of my magazines, to use social media as an ad for my magazine. This is for people to know that it is out there, and gives the readers a chance to know about it.

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Evaluation Question 3

Evaluation: Question 3: How did your production skills develop throughout the project?

Here is another Prezi, with the solution to this question.

Evaluation Question 2

How does your product engage with audiences and how would it be distributed as a real media text?

My product engages with audiences because everyone wants to be for summer. Summer relates to the beach, pool, parties, and fun, so everyone will want to know what the secret is as far as getting into shape. However, there is no "getting in shape" because all you have to do is put on whatever you would like. This magazine would be distributed by ads on social media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) This company is suitable to all, because we ALL have insecurities and things we don't like about ourselves and would like to change. I think this magazine can be found anywhere, grocery stores, malls, boutiques,  newspaper stands, this way all can see and realize that "there is no wrong way to have a body." 

Evaluation Question 1

Evaluation: Question 1: How does your product use or challenge the conventions and how does it represent different social groups or issues?

Below is the link to my Prezi, which I have used to answer my question.